Sunday, October 16, 2011


So a couple months ago I finally got the incredible magical piece of art that I had been wanting for years - a pair of Beats By Dre Studios.

After gushing over them, (and I still am) polishing them, kissing them and naming them, protecting them like a child - BEATS JUST HAPPENS TO COME WITH AN ORANGE PAIR.

Okay so like I had always dreamed of an orange pair but I never thought it would happen because no one really likes orange, so I got red ones because that was closest.

Now I look at Gary (the headphones) and it's like "You fugly piece of crap. You'll never compare to Geoffrey!" Yeah, I've named the pair that I don't have yet.

Every item that I would need psychotherapy for if I lost them is named with a starting G. My dumb headphones Gary,  my iTouch Gilbert, my PSP Gwyneth, and my carrying case for all of them Garth.

And of course my computer Goliath.


I guarantee that if I get Geoffrey they'll come with some sort sort of amazing wireless pair of Studios that sound better, don't leak sound and are a deeper orange. SO WHY DO I EVEN TRY ANYMORE :(

And then of course the fact that when I get Gilbert they come out with Gabriella. (iPhone with Verizon)

They're gonna keep coming out with new crap as soon as I get the first one and then I'm gonna run out of G's. :(

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