Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Cab is my signature. Whenever I write my name I just write Cab. It's only clever to me. Hab rhymes with it. I thought it sounded cool. A place to hang out. Like a strip joint. I can easily see a strip club being named "THE HAB" because it sounds like a sex position


Young male adult. I have a lot of health issues and I always feel like crap so I have all the time in the world to write a blog. I've always wanted to write a blog but I don't have the motivation

I have very entertaining drama to blog about so if you choose not to read it's your loss!

 I'm fascinated with pop culture and analyzing everything I can get my hands on.

I think the analyzing part comes from my OCD.

Yes, I have OCD. It's a good mental screw up to have in my opinion. :) Unlike most people with autism or bipolar and things like that, everyone with OCD has little funny quirks. For most people who suffer from it, it's not a very serious thing. Just annoying. I do everything in 5's, I'm scared of the number 104, (no idea why. One day I looked at the clock and it said 104 and it just freaked me out. I feel like that girl from Where The Heart Is except she had valid reasons to be scared of a number) and a bunch of dumb crap like that.

Most people who over analyze things are really good at card games because they're not careless with the things they send out. For me when it comes to a game of Uno I just don't give a crap and I'm throwing cards out like an idiot so I get no use out of it

I'm overly honest and I tend to offend everybody who comes within a 1 foot radius of me, and then when they get mad I never understand.

From years of having no life and focusing my goals on pointless things I have managed to master the art of spitting out clever and witty remarks within a few seconds. Well no not really because usually when I say something it just comes out dumb but I'm still trying


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